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Example of our Daily Goals Betting Predictions

All free and paid betting picks are now uploaded daily to their respective pages. Check them out!

TypeTeamsTip RateExplore
BOTDOdd - Viking Over 2.5 95.5%Check Today's Bet
Over 2.5Thun - Xamax Over 2.5 92.0%Check Today's Overs
Under 2.5Elche - Cadiz Under 2.5 90.5%Check Today's Unders
BTTSRoda - NAC BTTS - YES 91.5%Check Today's BTTSs
ACCAPSV - Ajax Over 1.5

Reims - PSG Over 1.5

Linz - Tirol Under 3.5

88.3%Check Today's ACCAs

What is our Daily Work When Predicting Football Tips?

Goals Betting Predictions
  1. Analyze Daily Matches and Teams Monitoring
  2. Close Eye on all Betting Factors and Stats Analysis
  3. Precise Selection of The Most Suitable Matches of The Day
  4. Sending The Most Accurate Soccer Tips to Customers

What perks do you get by choosing Goals Bettor Tips?

Football Predictions Always On Time

Over the years that we have been on the side of a football prediction client, we have tried many tipsters and their methods. To increase your chances of success when betting on football, it’s best to receive predictions early in the morning or the night before the game.

We think this approach allows you to make informed decisions with peace of mind and often provides more favorable odds ratios. Firstly, you will have time to test and analyze the game. Secondly, you’ll be well-positioned to make the best possible bet.

Responsive and Quick Support

Another weakness of most paid and free football prediction sites is that they do not respond to customers immediately. We are talking about this from personal experience.

Goals Bettor is an international football prediction site that responds 24/7 to all inquiries from any time zone.

Personal Attitude and Cooperation

The Goals Bettor team is not just a football tips machine. Nothing is finished once the payment is received. We always try to understand the important things for you, as professional tipsters.

For example, do you know how to manage your betting bank, and what odds are good or bad for you according to that factor? Are you betting professionally or just as an amateur? Do you know what to do if there are more losses in a row, as well as many others?

Wide Bets Choice

We are professionals in predicting football match outcomes related to goals like – Under/Over Soccer Tips, BTTS Predictions, Combo, and Accumulator Goal Predictions.

Each of our services (Free and Paid) includes 2 to 5 daily predictions, except the ACCA (1, or 2 Daily). Also to the daily high number of goal predictions you can get, we have a variety of odds. In this way, we aim to meet all bettors and their preferences.

Welcome to the Home of Football Goals Betting Predictions & Tips

To summarize the above, we are Goals Bettor, a Paid and Free Soccer Prediction Website. Our entire team is professional tipsters who specialize in Soccer Goal Predictions only.

We have many years of experience in using football tipsters. We have seen all the strengths as well as weaknesses in their work. In the end, we can see very well which predictions are best for the greatest profits in the sports betting business.

Our team thinks we’ve built a very good service, both paid and free. Our main goal is perfect support, a professional attitude to every customer, and profitable betting tips. The Goals Bettor team uses expensive tools for predicting and analysis of Goals Betting Tips.

Replacement Tips Policy

Anyone who understands paid football predictions knows that sometimes there are weak months. That’s why we have a strict replacement tips policy.

If you Pay for 1 Day:

Each day has a different number of predictions you will get and different odds on each. In any case, if the day is not successful, you will receive free predictions for the next day. If the next day’s predictions do not cover the previous day’s losses, we will continue to give you predictions until you are in profit. Sometimes this can take up to a week during bad betting days. After all, we do our best to make you profitable. No matter how long it takes us.

We hope you understand that betting is not a day game. The daily tips plan is just to test us and see our way of working, support, etc.

If you Pay for a Monthly Subscription:

After the month has ended since you purchased your predictions, we calculate the results. A detailed table is kept for each monthly subscriber. After the calculation, if we find that you have no profit, we will extend your subscription for the next month as much as necessary. Let’s say, after the end of the subscription you have not beaten the amount that was paid for the tips and you do not have at least 3-5% profit. Of course, we will continue until this happens.

Money Back Option

It is important for you to understand that our policy does not allow refunds for unsuccessful days or months. However, we offer free predictions until you achieve profitability. If you do not agree with this policy, we recommend that you only rely on our free predictions.

Last Content Update: Monday, May 13.24

Template for receiving our Paid Goals Betting Predictions

Paid Goals Betting Tips

Each unit represents the success rate of the prediction and the stake of your bankroll to bet on each tip

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Why Goals Football Predictions?

Goal Predictions are mathematically and statistically more successful than 1X2 Predictions. Another important advantage – very easy to find value bets when you have the right betting tools.

For example, it is almost impossible to have a match with odds above 1.80 – 1.90 and a statistical chance of winning above 75%, if we are looking at the last 10-15 matches between both teams.

With betting types such as Over 2.5, Under 2.5, or an ACCA of Over 1.5 or Under 3.5 goals, as well as BTTS, this is quite possible every day. When comparing goal predictions to 1X2 predictions, the former is statistically more accurate.

Paid Goals Betting Tips (The Pros)

Expert Goals Prediction
  1. Focus
  2. Time and Resources
  3. Professional Tools for Analyses
  4. Professional Goals Predictions Tipsters
  5. Money

Point 1: The focus of our entire team is on paid predictions. It’s kind of a full-time job for any tipster. Naturally, it will be mainly focused on them. We are not saying that no attention is paid to the free picks. They are mainly made for guidance, but also for bettors who cannot afford to pay for paid football picks.

Point 2: 95% of the football prediction search and analysis time on this site is focused on paid predictions. This is our main goal. We also bet on what we provide to our customers. We dedicate almost 100% of our time to the paid goals tips.

Point 3: Each tipster uses different professional tools to predict the paid tips. We have extensive and well-structured statistical information for each paid betting tip, analysis of the latest news, facts, etc.

Point 4: Of course, to have excellent results, we are looking for professionals to work with. You can’t just have statistics and information to be a pro tipster. You have to know the psychology of betting very well and know when and how to stop and when to continue. Also, how to take losses and how to distribute profits. These skills are built with many years of experience.

Point 5: Last but not least – the money factor. It is natural when you do something for money that you are much more committed and look at it in much greater depth.

The difference between the Free & Paid Goals Betting Predictions:

When you subscribe to premium betting tips, you get a lot of benefits. Here are the more important ones:

Free & Paid Goals Predictions
  1. Higher odds
  2. Expert Tipsters
  3. Focus and Professional Attitude
  4. Professional Sports Betting Tools
  5. Customer Support
  6. Money Management Tips
  7. Replacement Tips Policy

On the other hand, free goal tips don’t include any of the benefits mentioned above.

Goals Betting Predictions & Tips FAQ

  • How to Predict and Bet on Goals Over or Under?

    First, analyze football matches of the day. Second, choose the most suitable. Third, conduct in-depth analysis and gather statistics. Fourth, select odds. Finally, place bets at your preferred bookmaker.

  • Do you give Sure Goals Betting Predictions?

    Our customers receive the most reliable football predictions and tips related to goal betting for the day. This doesn’t make them 100% sure to win. Please stick to responsible betting.

  • How can I Get 5 Goals Predictions Today?

    Our team provides 5 Goals Predictions (Free and Paid for each wager). Free Goals Predictions are uploaded on the website. Expert Tips are sent to the customer’s emails after the payment.

  • Do you provide Exact Goals Predictions Today?

    No. Exact goals predictions are known for their high risk, as well as their unrealistically high odds. We recommend that you bet on them for fun, with virtual funds.

  • Are you familiar with Pre-Match Betting Tips?

    Yes. Goals Bettor gives Pre-Match Betting Tips so that you have enough time before each match to bet calmly and catch high odds.

  • How many Over 2.5 Goals Betting Tips do you upload per day?

    Depending on the day and football program, we provide 2 to 5 tips for over 2.5 goals, some free and premium of course.

  • Do you Bet Over 0.5 Goals?

    No. The odds are too small and you have to Bet on Big Accumulators (5-Fold, 6-Fold, 7-Fold, etc) which is risky.

  • Do you Predict Over 1.5 and Under 3.5 Goals Matches?

    Yes, mostly in Accumulator Over/Under Predictions.

  • Why do you give Free Goals Tips?

    Many people cannot afford to use Paid Soccer Predictions. We try to bring value to everyone with our free picks to all visitors.

Betting on Goals Conclusion Remarks

Betting on Goals Predictions can be easy and fun if you choose the right football tipsters for it. Our unique Goal Prediction Algorithm combined with the experience and huge database we have makes us unique and one of The Best in The Goals Betting Tips industry.

We work hard to maintain this reputation by making this a great experience. Come to the winning team today and have fun while winning from goals predictions with Under/Over Bets, ACCA Goals Tips, and BTTS Picks. Goals Bettor wishes you Good Luck!

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